I Make A Quiz App Please Suggest Me Anything How Can I Improve

What is the name of your app?

Quizer : Earn Money By answering simple Questions

Describe your app:

Quizer : Quizer is a mobile application where you can earn money by answering simple questions and completing tasks.

Quizer application gives you unlimited chances to play Quizes and earn money.

How to earn money from Quizer app

You can start your earnings in just simple 3 steps.Install Quizer application on your Smartphone.

Sign up with your personal details.

Choose your Quiz Type.

Click on play to play.

Answer Questions correctly and make at least 95% Score to win any Quizes.

Refer Your friends to Earn extra money on every successful refer.

(Remember there is no limit to play Quizes & more earning option like-Guess face and spin to earn are coming soon)

How to withdraw your earnings?

If you want to withdraw your earnings then you can redeem your balance in any upi app or wallet.

Note:-we are currently available in only India so other countries people don’t try to earn.


App Store/Download link:

Click here to install:Quizer (1).apk - Google Drive

AIA file (Optional)

Contact me for aia file


Awesome one Buddy… But I didn’t get the meaning
Entry fee :ads

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Entry fee Ads meaning:User have to watch ads before playing Quiz

Or if entry fee number then user need to pay some coins to play Quize

Everytime questions Change automatically

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Nice job… Too Good

Please install and check everything is working or not please

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This does have some similarities to an earning app. I don’t understand why do you need to watch an ad to get into the quiz, doesn’t make sense to me.


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I can’t get past this since the create a new account button does not work.

Please install in real Device & I application working fine in real device and in portrait mode not design for landscape mode

Many application had a option to watch ad to unlock something

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Hey @Raja_Nhata Welcome to community
Delete the image and talk to him in PM
You are exposing the phone number and password of users.

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Uh, I should’ve flagged it as spam so it auto-hides it :confused:


This is for the OP: Do not store passwords in plain text! Encrypt them, please! :sob:


Can you send me aia file?

I see few problem on login…
I used you app i have earn 600rs but now i am unable to login…

Does app still work and give payment