AIA Search List For Kodular (Busqueda en Lista)

Look what I found. I recommend it, I found it last week.

Hi Antonio
If this are a extension I suggest move you topic to extensions topics.
Next show all component options with a brief description of how it works and the cost of your extension

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@ProKoders under wrong category unless specified in post.


It’s not mine, I just recommend it. Thank

Why you recommend paid search extension ?
You see this post ???


I would just waste/use more than half an hour in logic instead of extension :joy:

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I liked the AIX that I recommend because it achieves a better search than with this guide.

OK, but the most important question, the extension has support for future updates of kodular ???

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It is not an extension, it is an AIX project with the example apk. It uses the modular blocks themselves, when I tried it it worked, and it is dated June 2020.
No es una extensión, es un proyecto AIX con el apk de ejemplo. Utiliza los propios bloques de modular, cuando lo probé funcionó, y tiene fecha de junio 2020.

If this not are an extesion aix is an example into aia file ??
You sure (not are an extesion) ?? your screenshot show a extension
Kodular it will be updated soon (I hope so). You are 100% shure this work after update ??? The developer supports fix to the future ?

Si no es una extension aix es un ejemplo dentro de un archivo aia ??
Estas seguro (que no es una extension) ?? tu screenshot muestra una extension.
Kodular sera actualizado pronto (eso espero). Estas 100% seguro que funcionará despues de la actualizacion ??? El desarollador soportará actualizaciones a futuro ?

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Yes, in any case I will be myself pending in case it stops working to delete the post.

Si, en todo caso estare yo mismo pendiente por si deja de funcionar para eliminar el post.

Really ?

Do you know different between aix and aia.

Aix is Extension
Aia is a source code of your AI projects.


Btw, if it is a search engine, it is like Google search engine, right?
Or it is just a simple searching in a list… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: