Aiacart under attack by bot please help me

My website is under attack by bot. During 13 jun night at between 2 to 3 am we got 190 user which not have any source.we use adsence in our site, can the adsence bann by this activity ?
What can i do to prevent bot? Please help

user which do not come from any source are the users that directly enter the URL in search bar they can be bots but it’s not mandatory that they are a bot
and I cannot say anything about Adsense, it’s critical

To prevent bots use recaptcha
here is link of reCAPTCHA v3 from google:

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This is your problem. I don’t understand why you’re asking for help, and this is not about Kodular. Contact with AdSense. And how we can stop the bot, we are not owner of your website.


I’m sure you’re using cloudflare. try enabling Under Attack option

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