Air Table Issue , showing all text same

hello , i have made a app one year ago and in that i have made a quiz game but few days back when i was working own it then all things were loading but in my option , answer all are showing my question only so i need help i have attached my block please see it an help me
blocks (2)
blocks (1)

Please help me

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Show your airtable structure

Screen init blocks

Out put in the app

only from question field the data is showing

Quite interesting… do you have my sample app for that to check up?

no i dnt have

should i share you the aix file means the import screen

but for that you need a deep host count down extention to open that screen otherwise it wii show a bug message

Without extension (remove all paid) and share it

my blocks will change if i will remove so please downloud the extention and import it

Earn_Answer_Question.ais (40.2 KB)

I usually do it like this, it’s much faster than calling column by column

it will work ? i want to pick any questions randomly from 1200 records

can you help me to degine the logic , i am weak in listing items and index all that why a request to hep me out


all right can you share me the aix file

how you have created the concatenation

you have used a component ’ when a label is click ’ in place of that i can use a kodular acctual label and set the answer it in by variable and can verify the answer matches or not

Airrrr.aia (12.9 KB)

check this method., used your at details only without timer