Airplane Mode (help)

does anyone know how to make a app that turns on / off airplane mode

There Are Already Some Topics For The Question !
Link -

Also For The Answer :-

i made a demo extension com.AK_Tech.AirplaneModeToggler.aix (6.3 KB)
but note this will not work Android 4.2 and above maybe you can take the user to the airplane mode settings page and let them itself toggle it

hey thanks for the extension , how can i :point_down:

wait i will make an extensions for it

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okay thanks

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hey is it possibel

probably this is #off-topic
but i think that would be hard try using web scraping extension


where can i find it

is it there on the community

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but with this extension how would i make text to speech speak the top search results

do you have any idea

and is there any extension to read notifications (TTS)

com.ak_tech.airplanemodetoggler.aix (5.7 KB) try this

ok , just trying this

and did you got any idea for web scrapping

that extension of web scraping will work but needs some effort

like i need tts to speak the top search results

how can i do that with

this one works in android 4.2 or below right

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