Airtable bandwidth is limited?

hello everyone,
i 'm using want to use airtable in my app to load image data? it’s good idea or hosting is best for this
and also i want to know airtable is bandwidth limit or unlimited.

Every free service is limited you should purchase as your requirement

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thank you for replay

what is the bandwitdth of airtable and how many users can handle by airtable for free pack and paid pack also? is anyone has idea about this.? Im using airtable and dont want to crash my app because of airtable.

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I asked in Airtable community they said, unlimited bandwidth

1,200 Records are free.Above you want to pay or earn Coins by referrels!

Unlimited user connections
refer this page for pricing

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I have created the topic “Direct contact save in sim or phone” Please give me suggestion on that for saving contact directly when click on button.

This is not related to the topic.

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