Airtable Column Summ

(Shah Shrey) #1

I Have A Airtable Table With 50 Row Data. How I Get The Total Of A Column Data And Shown In App

(Jerin Jacob) #2

Use get column method

(SunnyTheDeveloper) #3

Search in the community before creating new topic:

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(Shah Shrey) #4

how i total(sum) of column data

(Pepocero) #5

(Pepocero) #6

In these blocks the sum of the whole column is calculated and displayed on the label3

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(Shah Shrey) #7

Thanks Bro

(Shah Shrey) #8

This Block Works Awesome
And My Project has Show Error = Unable to find component “MakeroidUpdatetable” while loading project “Rounded_Buttons”.

(Pepocero) #9

Do you use the Thunkable extension?

Because with Kodular’s Airtable component it doesn’t have to give any error.

You can check if any other extension is the one that gives you that error…

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