Airtable data calculate problem. Please help really need help

Hey coders help me I am in trouble to calculate data from list if anyone is able please help me out from these problem
Here are my blocks

And the problem above.

Just read the error message… everything is mentioned there. . Your list is not a list, it is a csv row, to convert it into a list, use the list from csv row block from the list drawer


Hey Taifun Thank you for your reply but I am confused where to I replace that block

These are the values {761.30,567.26,632.61,721.60} from airtable and I want them to calculate as (+) and the total of data want to show in label

He said “List FROM”. You found wrong block. And use the correct block after “For each item in list”.

Think that would do it :+1:

It’s also Show error

List from csv row Error}:-

List from csv table Error:}-

Show your updated blocks


better use, kodular platform and and read the error…

your error says, the global alli is not alist… better use split text at block… your returned response after using replace block is changed the output into a arguments and not a list…

very simple

Thanks for your guidance I made another duplicate column in airtable and removed it’s text (amt:-) there and load data and it’s works but I have to do some changes in blocks

(There is no need of:- (list from csv block ))

here are my blocks

Now it’s calculating all data

Special Thanks To :- Taifun for First reply When I am waiting for someone’s response.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::hugs:

Special Thanks To:- Still-learning for reading my blocks problem and guide for solution​:hugs::heart_eyes::hugs:

Also thanks to Choofa :hugs:

Thanks to all of you.:hugs::hugs::hugs: