Airtable Data Not Show in My app

Hy! In My App i Show In Home Screen Video Status Show Correctly No problem And In My app Categories Section When User Click on Any Category Then Open Categories Screen And After Screen Initialize i Show Video Status With Categories Wise Then No Show More Then 1

BloCks IMage:

Categories Screen (Screen Shot)

dude. im willing to love you, but i can’t understand well your written english

Did you follow the sequence to store data on grid card ?

ThaNkx,But You Understand with Blocks imAge

No enough details so that we can help you.
Show some more blocks.
Show a screenshot of your airtable table.

your All Block Is Ok
just delete on the airtable last blank row then tray

if any row blank in airtable then not show data and in my table all row Fill and in my app only 1st data show :frowning_face:

Provide full blocks so that we can know how you are working with data.

At The Top Of This Post i Show BlocKS

try to add 2 more data… i think its the card view bug. if there is only 2 data then they overlap each other, add 2 more data and check… it will work.

Are you sure that you have provided full blocks?
In your 1st image you are calling Title column and in 2nd image you have set Thumbnail column.

Yes This Is category Screen BloCks Image

But they are not complete.

try this method

Okay, i Will Check it

ThanKxX ThiS Problem has Been Solve:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart:

Can you solve thiS Problem

go to app settings and enable phone permission

Okay Check it…