Airtable data slow loading

This problem occurs only when your app is getting more than 5 user at exactly same time. For an example, if 6 users try to get data within 1 sec of time, the first 5 will receive it normally, but the last person will have to wait on queue for another 30 sec.

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If we want more simoultenous connections?

Not possible.

If I change my database?

Obviously you can change if you wish to.

I faced the same problem.

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You can change the database. If you use firebase you will have to pay for a plan that allows you to have many simultaneous connections. The free plan won’t work for you.

If you use MySql on a server, the traffic limit is related to the type of plan you hire. You’ll have to see which server fits what you need…

same problem here, in old aia working fine. what’s the problem. :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

I am also using airtable to store the data but it load data slow on calling data then i move to firebase database you will get values instant

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I definitely recommend using mssql database. you can write a web service and call up the data.

For More Solution :

I loaded data from my two app

In one app it load very fast in other Its like a disaster

takes more then 30 second

I think its kodular bug

Do you think? So I think the bug is yours!!!

For sure you’re not going to accept my answer, but it’s an example in how you’re demonstrating a problem in a wrong way. If you are having problems, please follow this link


try to reduce image size in airtable.

User on your app?

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Hallo Kumar

Try to use your data after 14 to 16 hour after development

Else Something you must know

Airtable is not a regular database like Firebase database its been said by them in their community
If its not work try to use Firebase it work lightning fast

Airtable will take minimum to minimum 0.5 sec to load and if your data increases to thousands of records it may not be good

Its this work for you please let me know

Air table Slow Loading Problem in Kodular

I am using Airtable for a month now

Sometimes it loads data in like ).5 sec while other its takes 30 to 50 Seconds

As per my experience

The lack of speed usually occurs when you are changing data in Airtable frequently

Try to export and use your app after 12 to 14 hours after your app development
and share feedback with us

As this worked for me, I think It may work for you too.


You’re absolutely right

have anyone solved this problem i am too facing it