Airtable data slow loading

From today, Datas from airtable takes long to load. It takes 45 seconds. Till yesterday it was loaded by only 5 seconds.


My Airtable is working fine
I think your network connection is slow…
Do a speed test…
Due to Home Quarantine, so many people are using internet, there may be lot of users using internet in your area…
If your network is slow… then turn on flight mode and turn it off
If your network is not slow, then check your blocks…
Or you are trying to get lot of Airtable data
So it takes time to get lot of data

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Is Mysql , Airtable or mysql more speed in data loading?

How many users using your app at same time?

2000 at same time

If it’s so, then try any other database! Airtable is for low traffic (at same time) apps.

Which type of app… 2000 at same time is very big number

Firebase or sqllite?

same problem
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am facing it too

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Now or every time?

on some devices it is every time, on others it is instant.

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Are u using airtable?

This problem occurs only when your app is getting more than 5 user at exactly same time. For an example, if 6 users try to get data within 1 sec of time, the first 5 will receive it normally, but the last person will have to wait on queue for another 30 sec.

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If we want more simoultenous connections?

Not possible.

If I change my database?

Obviously you can change if you wish to.

I faced the same problem.

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You can change the database. If you use firebase you will have to pay for a plan that allows you to have many simultaneous connections. The free plan won’t work for you.

If you use MySql on a server, the traffic limit is related to the type of plan you hire. You’ll have to see which server fits what you need…