Airtable Data Load

how much users can load data from airtable at one time
i mean if my app get more downloads and more users then can airtable load data faster for my app users ??
is there any limit ?

Before creating a topic you should always search the forum as most questions have already been answered. As this question is related more to Airtable than Kodular you should also check out Airtable documentation and ask the question on their forum, if they have one.

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Airtable is not an ideal database for growing apps at all! It has a limitation of 5 Call/Second which is pretty much low for an app with thousands of users online at a time.

Go for other database. Firebase could be a better option.

What about pro version ?
If estimated per day my app will be used by more than 1,00,000 users than which database is better for me ?
Data is almost 30 rows

Whether you’re on free or premium plan, the maximum API Call Request per second quota is 5.

If so, you can get started with Firebase, for free and get it’s premium version as per your usage afterward.

Or you can buy a hosting if you want.

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but i already made app with airtable
should i change everything ?

That’s upto you!

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thanks bhai

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Is it per user ?
Or for whole app

For whole user group. Your app can’t handle more than 5 API call per second.

For an example, lets say, 10 of your users clicked a button at the time (even every milliseconds matters) to get a data from the database (Airtable as an example). So, what will happen?

The first 5 users will get the data normally. And the other 5 will have to wait in queue until database back to normal.

To be more specific, once your 5 call per second hits the limit, other 5 will have to wait for another 30 seconds to get their data.

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Here is the confirmation from the Airtable community.

Also read,

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