How many User can be activity in app at the same time

Hello I am using Airtable Spreadsheet as a Database
I want know there is any kind of limit that this much user can activity in app at the same time or there is no limit (unlimited user can activity in app at the same time)

If there is a limit please tell me for airtable spreadsheet (How many User can be activity (Connection) at the same time)


No there is a limit, only 5 users together can use the database and if it exceeds the limit then you need to wait 30 seconds to again read or write


I mentioned together in my post…


There is no limit on how many users can use app at same time. But, only 5 users can read or write your database every second. Others will have to wait in a queue.


Try to use firebase
It’s better than airtable

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even I dint get activate app

What do you mean??:thinking:

But firebase is very costly.

@Avijit There is a free version of firebase and it is good for apps having huge traffic

What about MySQL

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Hey, please don’t deviate from the topic, your question was just about how many users together can access airtable database and you got your answer, and also there are many topic about choosing the correct server

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