Bypassing the Airtable API Request Limit

I discovered that Airtable has a request limit for its API as shown below:

We expect about 50+ people to use our app on the first week of release and the number of users is probably going to increase after a month so this “5 requests per second” seems very limiting for the app. The chances of users sending requests simultaneously is pretty high and this will make the app unusable.

Is there a way (maybe a premium plan) or some other app-sided solution to either increase that limit or else some sort of put users on a “waiting list” and only 4-5 will make requests each second.

Thanks for any sugestions!

I don’t think so

I have confirmed it there is no way to increase the API request limit.
Note: It is a request limit but you can get up to 100 records in one request.
You may try to get the whole table when the app starts
That seems the only solution to your problem

I was already going to do that. The thing is that many users might be online at the same time and thus make more than 5 requests in 1 second and get the API blocked for 30 seconds. Or is the 5 requests/second limit for each user? Unfortunately I don’t think so.

that is why firebase is recommended, since you decided to use airtable, you must contact them about it and airtable is their service so they have their terms and condition so there is nothing much one can do…

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You can also try MySql database.

Well firstly I have absolutely no idea about MySQL and secondly I was hoping for a free, safe and reliable solution like Airtable.

I think MySql is too similar to Airtable.
It also stores data in table format.
But difference between these is that you have ready made blocks for airtable but you have make blocks yourself for MySql.And you can find a lot of tutorials for MySql.
Here is one tutorial:

If you stuck anywhere feel free to ask in community.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try when I have free time. I’ll need a web server though and I would prefer not to pay for a service while the app is still in development so do you have any web hosting service to suggest? I really liked the fact that Airtable gives you credits to buy premium plans when you invite people in the website.

You can try .
The benefit of using this is that it provides necessary tools for MySql.If you do not know MySql query then it will be best.
I also learned from it by testing .
You have to create a table and it will provide you options like select,update,delete and many more.