Help me to find a best database

Who is the best database for more than 200k downloaded app. And more than 200k active user per month

Please tell me

Database depends on the needs . How you want to use a database?
If you want like excel then use

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I am using user phone number and password.

Use firbase authentication and firebase for it.

I am now using firebase but 200k connection support in one database

For the free service there is always a limit but if you want it for 200K you can checkout firebase pricing.

You ask which one is the best? Or which is the cheapest?

Many are free for small projects. But if you have a lot of simultaneous connections, you have to pay…

Firebase is the best because it is a real-time database. Airtable is very good for storing data.

Do you expect 200k users to use the app at the same time? 200k monthly users and 200k simultaneous connections are not the same. You can have millions of users and that does not mean they will all be online at the same time, depends on your use case.

Also firebase allows you to launch another instance in case you reach that limit.

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Thanks dear :grinning:

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