Want to know about airtable database

I want to know something, how many tables can be made in a base inside airtable database?

Airtable has workspaces
You can create Unlimited workspaces
Workspaces are like different projects or apps
Workspaces has BASEs
Bases has tables
Tables has rows and columns

Free plan is limited to 1200 rows per base (not tables)
If a base crosses 1200 rows then you have to upgrade Workspace with a premium plan
You can create unlimited bases in a workspace until you reach 1200 rows limit in any base

Also free plan has a limit of 2 GB of Attachment storage (Files)

See Airtable Pricing:

But only 5 request can be made per second
(Upto my knowledge)

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@sonumohammad333 broo in here i can create unlimited base but i want to know how many tables can make inside a base.

Base has limit of records not tables
You can create unlimited tables
I can’t find any information about Table creation limit…

OK thanks for your information.

Hi @sonumohammad333
Can you tell me if this increases with a payment plan?

Why don’t you look it up yourself? Google is a thing.

I don’t think it increases…
Search/Ask on Airtable community
Firebase is the best database platform for Apps

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