Best way to store user data

I need to store user data like , Score, Lvl, Email,…

So which site is best for this ??
What do you guys use ?

I was thinking about firebase realtime database but i saw it can only take 100 Simultaneous connections … free plan

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Either use Airtable or use Firebase both are best…

Try MySQL + php :wink:


I store data in google sheets using taifun’s solution here: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps

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Lol :smiley:
Thanks guys

Which now ?xD

Airtable,Firebase, MySQL+php , google sheet

Airtable looks simple,but again paying.

I will try google sheets , does it have unlimited Simultaneous connections ?

I use it for almost an year, and one of my apps has 700 user’s. I’ve never been reported issues about it.

There are no limitations as far as I know. It also supports script writing and add ons that give more control and automation to your work.

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Google sheet is fully free or we need to charge monthly

it is free. however since it is hosted on google drive you have a 15gb storage limitation on free plan.

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