Airtable Vs Firebase Vs Google Spreadsheet


Please Experience member suggest us.

I want to know which Storage more than better for the data storing in a free.

And which are best for quickly access data. And best for storing unlimited data, no limitations.

Airtable have a limitations and fierbase also…

Spreadsheet i don’t know about…

Please help share your experience

U can use mysql database for best


Mysql is very important for class 10
So you can use it for your practice also


Personally i feel that if you have a data of less then 1000 rows then you should go for airtable, undoubtedly it will work like charm !

If its more then that then i would go for spreadsheet because of many reasons, its a google product - security is more of google’s headache, there are thousands of plugins available for spreadsheet that really helps.

SQL is good but you need a hostings, dont go for these free hostings, they block the account if you get a good traffic. Also, its not secured as well, there are several methods to hijack you data.

SQL is something i dont recommend often if you are building a serious app

Hope this helps !

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