Looking for a DB

Hello dear Koders!

I’m looking for a database where i can store many rows for free or cheaper than firebase and airtable.
Also i would like store datas online so the localhost isnt play.

I heard about google sheet some1 use it? What is your opinion?

Have nice day to everyone

You can always use google to search for alternatives.

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My comment was a suggestion.

Google is a popular search engine. As well as asking here, you can use it to find what you want.

If you ask me, I would prefer google sheets over anything because it is kind of unlimited and free forever.
But personally I use Baserow because it is fast, unlimited(right now) and free for now.

Both of these databases are way faster than airtable and comparable to firebase in the matter of speed.


Thanks for the IDEA AND HELP! I’m rly happy cuz some1 can answer to my question!