Spreadsheet for Database

I have mor than 10,000 data for spreadsheet. I test on companion to create, update and delete data. why it takes a long time to run function. Is there a database that can process functions faster than spreadsheet? Does the function process in Companion take longer than when we installed the APK?

You can replace with mysql, sqlite and other database for faster response.

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You can transfer your data to the fire base and then to the application. I have the code for linking the Google database to the fire base

Also tell cost for this huge database.
Pls refer firebase pricing before moving

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Spreadsheet is the worst option for database. There are so many ither options even for free

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Could you please suggest their names ?

Maybe this could be helpful. Just discovered it yesterday.

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How to use it ?
I am not getting where to create new database in it :disappointed_relieved:

What do you want to use?

This airtable alternative as spreadsheet like airtable

I think you can only selfhost or put it somewhere else like with Heroku.

Did you watch the demos?

Firebase for one. I know it’s not free forever but by the time you reach the limit you will be able to make enough money to afford it. With spreadsheet you will never reach that limit because users will leave your app as it will get really slow. If you familiar with nodejs you can use mongodb and free nodejs server like horoku or glitch and create an api.

It isn’t a spreadsheet. Data can be presented as a spreadsheet. The backend is a MySql database. This also works via an api and can be used with heroku.

Can we use it in kodular project ?
How we can get data from it to our app like airtable ?

Did you read the topic on the app inventor community that i posted? I think not.

I have just created spreadsheet through 1st demo video of this website Product | NocoDB :disappointed_relieved:

i read now
Is the web component is used to get those get data ?

I am new here to such things :sweat:

I think this will benefit you