Airtable data loading error

I am using airtable to show the numeric data on my application and created 10 base with 10 tables in each base. Every time i’m updating data some of them show loading for forever. I have searched kodular community for answer but did not get for me. Is this because i have used too many spreadsheets? The blocks i have used are attached below.

it can be done easily with 7 spreadsheet just use if and else block and call the required cell
and i think you are more than 10 screen in your project you can reduce it to 1 or 2 it will make your app work well and not crash

Verify your api and base id

i have already its good

Can you explain more please

You can easily do it with one or two spreadsheets… initialize a list variable which you have to set to all the coloum name you have… When screen initialize… Use for each item block in which the list should be the one you initialized at the start. Under the for each item block use a dynamic label whose text will be your response

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