How to show airtable spreadsheet data in spinner ? (Not working)

Hello Kodular Community.

I am trying to develop an app where user can select item category, type price and quantity and auto calculate the total bellow .
But i am facing some problem with getting column data from spreadsheet to show that into spinner list.
i have tried everything from youtube, previous kodular topics but nothing is working.
Can you please tell me where i did wrong ?


Have you checked your base id , api keys , and tablename

Checkout this IMG_20200807_190141
Instead of set.elementfromstrings put these blocks

I already did this but still not working.
Also the API Key , Base id and the Table Name is also correct
i don’t know why it’s not working :pensive:

It’s also not storing data in table. Opera
is that it takes time to connect database first time ?

Are you trying it or not ?

And yes take time to store or get data from database

I tried it many time . You can see in this image .
i don’t want to use list view so i didn’t use that. but the process is same .
i created airtable account today .