Airtable - Getting Column Values from Two Different Tables

I am creating two separate Spinner (Dropdown Menu) on a single screen.

Items will be added using “Airtable - Spreadsheet”.

For that, I have created two separate tables with one column each. (Logic to use separate table because I need to delete and add any row from either column and that should not delete the row from another column)

When Screen Initialises, I need to fetch the data from both columns and keep the Spinner List ready with the received data. So I have to use “.Got Column”.

My application needs to get column data from two different tables, that too at a time or one after another.

Doing this when screen initialise either of the spinners gets the data and not sure to be correct. I have even tried the procedures method. But no luck.

Sorry to show this here, but I want to achieve this logic.

from Thunkable

So that I can tell the “.Got Column” what to do next. Where to put the received data.

I have also tried this method in another app. But no success to get it done correctly.

Please guide. Thanks in advance.


A simple way to do it is shown below.


This is amazing but may be bad for pay as you use policy of Kodular. Users need to use unnecessary additional blocks. Dont know exactly how it works. But your solution saved me. Thank you.

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Encoded data in Airtable Column:

Annotation 2020-05-04 025539

The operation Elements cannot accept the arguments: , [(निहार सागर गोविंद हरी शाम जगन्नाथ)]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

Trying to get encoded data from airtable column and add it to the list viewer.

Please help.

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