Airtable "Devnagari" Script / Hindi, Marathi Language Support Needed

After developing the entire app UI with “Devnagari” Script Font, which works perfectly, I realised that I can not create Airtable Rows or send data in “Devnagari”. It’s frustrating after such hard work.

Thunkable X can support “Devnagari” input-output to Airtable without any problem, why not “Kodular”?

Encoding with Web block is not worth since Airtable Data is shared directly to see the updates.

Please provide support to Airtable blocks for “Marathi”, “Hindi” languages which use “Devnagari” Script.
It is also available at, so it’s universal.

Help needed urgently.

Try to use this backticks before and after text before inserting in airtable
Eg. 'Hello World

Try to use google Marathi or Hindi Font for this. May be it can work.

You can use Cryptography component to Encode your data before you store them to airtable and Decode them when you get them back.

I am using the same. It’s not working. and when we enter data using google indic keyboard, Kodular Airtable Module should support “Devnagari”. Thunkable X supports this without any encoding or decoding at users end. That means there is a chance to improve Kodular Module.

I made a project using Malayalam it is working Properly.I recommend you to set List title in english and you can add values in Hindi.I hope it will work

You are partially right. Tried that. Keeping column names in English (Latin Script) can interact with Airtable. But when data is entered, it displays strange characters in the airtable cells.

I am using “Google Indic Keyboard” to enter Devnagari Script on mobile device.

And keeping the column names in Devngari, it is working fine on Thunkable X.

Please tell me which input tool have you used to enter Malayalam?

Thank you.

Sorry Broo I forget to say that i did’nt use the UPLOAD DATA blocks in my project.I Use GET DATA blocks and it is working fine with me to get data in Malayalam (Quiz App).I entered data directly to the database Using The same indic Keyboard(Just typing in Airtable Base).Iam not sure, the same work properly for UPLOAD also

Yes, can fetch “Devnagari” from Airtable, without any problem.

The issue is only while Creating or Updating the “Devnagari” Text.

Do you check It?

Sorry, I am not a tech person. Will search for what you are saying. I tried “Web. URI Encode”. It worked. But it’s not that beneficial as cant recognize what’s in the cells directly in the airtable window.

Please suggest me something that Airtable Cells should display decoded text or simply “Text as it is in Devnagari”.


Please see this post

You have to specify maximum column cells to receive

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