Airtable does not load the data correctly

airtable does not load the data correctly. For example, if I select list view in the home page, the content of the data placed in airtable will be normal and the data is correct as what is stored in airtable. When I use search, I repeat the same action by pressing list view which appeared in the search field I created. When I clicked on the list view, the data taken from the airtable was not same at all.

Is it a problem with my block or something else?

apk and aia files : Download files - Filemail

test login:
phone num- 0123456789
pass - darwi2429

Pls help me, thanks

You must use select list item + index is in list block to avoid such problem. I hooe you woukd have used the directly the selection index after picking an item from list

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I am new coder, may you give me example block can i use for fix this problem?

try like this (i have not integrated the airtable but showd how you can get proper data upon clicking the list view from another list)

During screen init

Search and select

Random selection (cliked 5th item)

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