Airtable Duplicated Data

Hello, i built a quiz game with a leader board inside that the players can check the top 10 scores.

What i have:

  1. Airtable 2 column base (name/score) (score is sorted by > to < score in order to have the biggest score on row 1)

  1. If the score that the user made is bigger that his personal best i add the record to the base

My problem is if the score is bigger than his personal best it adds the record to the base but at the same time keeps the previous score inside and having for example:


how do you know that row no 20 is the exact row not of that user?

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The row 20 is an empty row and out of my top 10 leaderboard so i just put the record here and airtable sort it where it should be.

no you have to create a method first to check user record, and then just compare if score is > than privious then update, this block with and option will not work as good, use if not is empty username, then if score is > old score than update row ( index of username in list all username)

Oh you understood my point! That’s my problem.
How i’ll find that username index?

first use get column for user name, when got column, store all username to a list, and then use that,




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Perfect. That worked well!!
Thank you very much!! :heart_eyes:

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