Airtable form image upload issue

Hi All
I made a form for my applicants on airtable and set web viewer to show its url. it worked fine except the upload image button that doesn’t work properly. It shows a list of different sources for selecting image file(device, gdrive, dropbox…) but when I choose device it won’t view any dialog box or gallery for selecting files. I tried with my other mobile browsers and they all worked flawlessly. there must be something with the webviewer. does anyone have a solution for this?

Try some search in community before posting a topic.
You will find your answer yourself.

I tried those you mentioned. didn’t find a similar issue in the community. also tried different settings in webviewer but no hope. I think it must be a bug in webviewer since other browsers work.

Are you sure that there is no topic about ’ Webview upload problem ’ ?
You can find easily that webview is not a full browser.So it can not upload.
You can try ’ Chrome custom tab ’ for uploading feature.

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