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Hi everyone! Here’s my question: How to set more than one columns data as more than one labels texts at the same time? To be more spesific, I create a league table and I have to update data from spreadsheet.

That’s my league table:

That’s my spreadsheet:

and these are the blocks I use for a single column and multiple labels (which works properly):

and I’m asking how to set more than one columns’ data as labels’ texts. (not the columns)

To be clearer, I think this kinda describes what I want to do, so I share it too:

Thanks in advance for your helps!

@Mamoball_Turkiye_Club you mean you want to set the right labels according to the column name?Means when you get Takim you want to set the labels of Takim,etc…?:

100% • 75% • 50%
Y0ou will need to change the labels in the dictionary according to your need…

Yep. But I didn’t understand what “test” things used for. There are also many global values and it made me confused. Can you explain what each block group used for? So I can replace the items with my own items easily.

I think it’s better to ask this way:

In the got variable he is just checking whether you have got values from Airtable or not.

My second assumptions was wrong :sweat_smile:

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Ofc.I wonder why i forget to explain my blocks :wink:
Okay ,
:one: The label global variable.That variable is a dictionary which have some keys and values.You can increase keys as much as you want.Every key, i have a value which is a list of the labels of that key…Ex.: Takim key has a list of the labels of Takim, etc.
:two: the while loop. This while loop is the only way if found to stop executing the loop until airtable gets the data.Then it starts executing the next item in the loop. So i have a variable called got which determines that the app gets the data or not. ( when airtable gets the data it will set got to true ) when got equals false it stops the loop from executing…When got becomes try it returns it agian to false so no error occurrs and the starts getting the next item


Exactly…As i didn’t found another way to do that. May be it can be done with a simpler way if got column event have a column name parameter.

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I got it, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: But:

No error you will get from this while loop. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can change the name variable as you want. I made it like this to take less time :sweat_smile:.But don’t remove it.

Okay I won’t remove it :sweat_smile: Btw, I can’t find this block:


Where can I find it?

OK I found it :sweat_smile:

I don’t guess I did something wrong. But it doesn’t work though :disappointed:

a black screen appears when I enter the screen

Wait a while.That happens because of calling many columns in screen initialization.

I did wait. I waited for about 30 minutes. But literally nothing happened :slightly_frowning_face:

Okay, i will post another solution with a timer.So the screen initialize as it should then get data after initialize.

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Looking forward to your post :pray:

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Sorry for being late @Mamoball_Turkiye_Club,
Just add a clock component and set its interval to 2000 and then add the timer event in the clock blocks.And put this blocks inside :
set clock1.enabled to false
and then add the get column blocks that we’ve disccused before. :wink:

Hi @Mohamed_Tamer! You mean this?

20200830_155703 blocks (3)

If so, it still doesn’t work. When I enter the screen, the app freezes.

Are you putting any thing on screen initialize.What is your timer interval?And how you open this screen ( show your other screen block that redirects the user to this screen. Maybe the issue is there ?

These are all the other blocks I use on this screen:

Time interval is 2000, just like you told me to set.

And it’s possible to open this screen from many screens by using bottom navigation. But I don’t think it causes the issue.

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Do you have any idea? @Mohamed_Tamer