Airtable - How to obtain the number of elements at a column?

Hello everyone.
I’m making an app, and its purpose is to make a “virtual line” for people.
It must get the person’s identifier (a number that will be stablished further) and store it at airtable at the next row (if the previous one is occupied).
One of the requirements of this app is to obtain the amount of elements in a column of airtable, but I’m not being able to do it, can somebody help me?

tamanhoLista is the variable that will store the amount of elements in the column before it to append the next person in the line.
I’m using the SetCell procedure to append the person to the table. Having the amount of elements in the line, I only need to put the person identifier at the cell of index (amountOfElements + 1).

Can somebody help me to obtain this amount of elements?

Thank you!!

What if instead of using the GetAllRows you use the GetColumn?
Something like that:

With the marked block you get the amount of items that the list has… you can use it wherever you need

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As i get that u want to get the total number of records in a column

So answer is its not possible directly.
as we can do it in mysql

But yes there are two methods that i already have described in one of my guides
I am posting link here you can study its Airtable part text

actually that guide describes another topic

It also explains how to get total number of records in Airtable

Thank you for your answer.

I’ve tested it, but didn’t work.


I really don’t know why it doesn’t work.
When i click on the button, the app doesn’t do anything.
I’ve tested it with the column empty and with 3 values, but it doesn’t do anything.

Do you know where is the mistake?

Thanks again!


Thanks for your answer.
But, it still doesn’t work.


When I click at the button, it doesn’t do anything, not even changes any cell. Can it be a problem with the way that it receives the column??

Man I think you are creating a new row so why don’t u use create row instead of set cell

You can’t create a new row using set cell
Set cell to change the data in a row’s cell which is already been created

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