Airtable is very slow in updating Data

Airtable is very slow in updating databse. sometimes it don’t even update the databse. like when button the value in cell should change from 1 to 2. but it doesn’t always change. basically sometimes it works(very slow) and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. please guide with an alternative for databse ( not firebase).

As I mentioned in the other thread, firebase is the best alternative for quick realtime functionality,

The other thing you can do is setup your own SQL server and use it, however speed may be an issue there as well.

There are a few SQL extensions here

You could also try your own version of WebDB


Firebase is good the best database you will ever find, it is designed and maintained by top skilled team , and if you cannot afford the firebase pricing and all your free project are used then you can even request more free project for free, Google is always there to help developers

I don’t see any slowness in using Airtable. I suggest you check your internet upload/download speeds. Perhaps you have a slow internet connection? If your internet connection speed seems normal, perhaps from time to time the Airtable server is over loaded?