Airtable issue due to empty cells / rows in spreadsheet

good afternoon, and thanks in advance.
from my point of view, the code is fine, but in label3 there should be the fields of the column “AZOTEA”
After checking with Do It, I see perfectly that it calls the column “AZOTEA”, but I don’t understand why it returns the values of the previous column.
After hours looking at the blocks to see what I can do, in a looped state, my brain does not give for more
Anyone know what might be happening?


In order to receive data from airtable you must not have empty cells or empty rows in your spreadsheet


And please change your topic.
“I don’t understand what is happening” says nothing,
although I myself have been thinking that for more than a year. :upside_down_face:

wooow :blush:
thank you so much friend
at least looking at my blocks so much has helped me to make it shorter
a million thanks
I’ll change the title when I find out how :rofl:
Again thanks and greetings

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I changed it for you.

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