Airtable language problem solution

Hi friends :wave:,
I’m jerin Jacob an extension developer, who created airtable extension which is implemented as a component.

Many has reported some problems regarding it and I will take consideration of each and every one.
But first I’m giving priority to language problem in airtable , for taking further look into it, I need your help.

Please post the text you passed to airtable component and the unknown language got from airtable sheet(which shows in airtable cell).

Is it support Malayalam.

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Russian text is not supported

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Marathi (मराठी), Devnagari (देवनागरी) is not supported. Facing problems.

Use URI encode and decode blocks from Web component


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That stores strange characters in the airtable. Any solution to that?

Decode after getting it from airtable

I mean need to access airtable and check some details on Airtable directly. So that is the main problem having encoded strange characters in the airtable view.

No problem with encoding and decoding on android app itself.

Thank you.

I think you can NOT do it…

বাংলা doesn’t support

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