Airtable Non-Eng characters

Describe your issue

Airtable does not accept non english characters like ğ ,ü.Is it possible add support? I can use ü ğ or others on web ui.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Try create row using ğ ü ş

Expected Behaviour

All works correctly

Actual Behaviour

Its not accept it

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@Jerin_Jacob is it possible fix this issue?

Android version

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You can make a segmenter if it can’t be fixed in Airtable itself.

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CAn you explain it?

Replace the text segment, say “ü”, with “character-code-xxx” where xxx is a number. Do the same for all such characters. To display, replace the character code with the character.

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I understand now.but its makes thinks harder for me.I will use Uri Encode/Decode but other platfom doesnt have this option.Testing firebase but its have own issue.If this fix possible its realy help me alot.Thanks for idea


It breaks if path has ., #, $, [ or ]. I’m on my phone and I’m too sleepy to quote all those characters.

Yes ı know.Its not main problem.Main proplem is app inventor use ““üğpoıuytrewqasdfghjklşiçömnbvcxz””

“” and “” for storing and its makes problem

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Airtable Respond Can you check it ? @Jerin_Jacob Is it possible?

Hi Ali,

Sincerest apologies for the delay here, we missed your message due to an issue on our end.

Can you confirm that your csv was encoded as UTF-8? That produces the best results.