Airtable problem

The column order in the table is out of order when retrieve it via api. Please help me what is happening

Did it caused any errors while you call data in your app??

No sir…it succesfully retrieved the data but in wrong order

Ok, let me see…

You don’t have to click on retrieve record just get your base Id from authentication page of API documentation website
And set the table view carefully
Tell me if it solved your problem or not

wait, i’m sending screenshot of my app

Have you taken base Id from authentication tab ???

Yes I did take the base Id and API key from airtable and paste on the kodular project. It is working ok… the data is being retrieved succesfully and showing.The only problem is it is showing the data in wrong column order

I can’t get into that problem but still have some tip for you
You can call column its name if possible

Add a number in front of each column name in sequence like
1name of students
2first month
3second month

And then when you call the column after calling sort them in accesnidng order

Well it sounds nice. It may work. But can you tell me how can i Sort column names because i am getting only the values.

Then you can call the values by column name so not matter what the order is bcz you called then with their name and they have to come accordingly

Exactly as the way you set it up for name of student

Ok… I think this is the only option then. … “Get Row” option is not going to work … And Thank you a lot for getting me out of this problem. Thankkkkksssss

And thing which may help you a lot is to ask the problem in airtable community because it’s their API so they know it better than anyone else

Yes , I have mailed them already, waiting for their reply. I’m also trying their community.

Ok, Happy koding!

Reply from Airtable:

Thanks so much for the screenshots! They were very helpful in determining what was happening. In the API, we don’t make any guarantees on the order that fields appear in the JSON. We return cell values as a JSON object keyed by field name, and the JSON specification states that an “object is an unordered set of name/value pair” ( This should not matter for your code either as all the major programming languages have libraries or other functionality to parse JSON to use in your code.