Airtable result display


I have an airtable with 2 columns and 2 rows.

I want to display in 2 labels, the result of 2 lines. I made these blocks.

The problem is that the result of the lines is displayed twice in the labels !!

Or is my mistake?

It may be a little too much for now, but this way will be the best way to get the values ​​from the airtable faster. If you want in the future, you create a variable for each column and put the procedure with it to save the values ​​and you use the variable instead of pulling the values ​​straight.

  • Logic

  • in the companion


And don’t forget, so you don’t get any “Can’t leave any box empty” error

Thanks for your help.

I made the blocks following your example, but it doesn’t work.

I corrected the table and filled in all the boxes.

I do not see my mistake.

In programming each comma or even each word makes a difference. In the procedure you use the “F” of the filds with a capital letter and everything has to be small

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actually just because of a capital letter.

Thank you

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