Airtable row index help

hi guys,
i was creating a wallet app and i got a problem with airtable
when fetching details.
how to know in which is row particular user’s data is stored
for example
name email balance
john [email protected] 1000
johny [email protected] 100

when next row created how to get that row number?

  1. Get the whole column of email or any that you want to find index.

  2. Then use Index in list block from List block section.

  3. Give the list that you have got from Got Column event to the Index and list block and give the item of that you want to find index

Like this

And how do I get that index’s row id

Above blocks will give you the Index or row number of the [email protected] in column email. Then you can use that row number to get the cell of any row and column.

@Sumit1334 2nd comment is based on patent category .
Create a column like patent Behaviour ( device ID , Email id, phone no. Etc. ) A unique Item .

Compare this item with whole column (using index in list thing block ) and you easily find your Particular user row .

My above Index in list item block doesn’t work with same items in a list. It only works when your item is unique in the list that’s why I said him to do it with email as one email == one unique account.

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Please next time use a topic title that reflects your question not something you did now.

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Thanks to everyone.

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Can you elaborate ?
Don’t understand

Basically the topic name you used before “Urgent help needed” doesn’t describe your problem… use describing names

This was my first post.
So, I have no idea.

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