Airtable Spreadsheet 'Call' Question


Here I’ve attached images of a very simple sample of block code about collecting (or comparing) data from an airtable spreadsheet - in this case, I used “call spreadsheet1.getcolumn()” command:

If the images don’t display correctly, here’s a sample of my code:

when do
call spreadsheet1.getcolumn - column name = “Password” - max record: “1000000000000”

when spreadsheet1.gotcolumn do
call notifier1.showalert
notice = get(responsecode)

So, as we can see, this code is supposed to get the column data from the airtable spreadsheet when the button is clicked. When the data is found, a notifier will alert a response code (I used the notifier just as a test. It could be a change in text from labels, buttons, etc.)

My only concern about this code is that it doesn’t respond to the program. I was wondering if there might be something wrong about it… somehow in my companion I click the button and the notifier is not displaying any message. Not even an ‘error’ alert.

The only ‘call’ command in the spreadsheet that actually responds to the program is ‘Create Row’.

Note: Spreadsheet properties (API key, Base ID, Table name, View name) are already corrected.

  • I have already seen all relative posts and solutions from the community; such as the ones where I must remove a blank row from the spreadsheet. I have also seen video tutorials.
  • I have also tried to combine various elements (like the ‘switch’ variable).

Any help out there will be truly appreciated.

Welcome to the Community @Gamma_Blox_Studios

Your Code seams Right, did you try to put the response content In the notifier. Maybe you are getting a Response Content but There is an error in Response Code.

Another step you can follow is use Web Component and do a cURL data call.
You Can refer API Documentation

Do you really think you will one day have that many records? start by moderating that value, then make sure to use Token instead of APIkey

@Holmsync Thank you for your response. I have already attempted put the response content in the notifier; however, with all due respect, that may not be the issue.

About the Web Component and cURL data call: If it is in your best interest, could you please lend me a couple of steps on how to use it (Or maybe a link to the API documentation so I can review it carefully)?

If not, it is best to keep it simple with Spreadsheet component data.

@Gaston Thank you for your response. I have already tried to moderate that value down - in fact, I have lowered it down to 10 records.

About API keys: Since API keys in Airtable will expire in January next year, it is best to use tokens. I have already transferred the API key in the spreadsheet into the token.

Here I will attach a few other examples that may help you all understand what is ought to be solved:

In Python, we usually use “0” as “1”:

Either way, the Kodular program still does not respond under any conditions.

Grateful for any solution, GB. :wink: