Airtable Spreadsheet Get Column and Got Column not working

Hello All

I have been struggling for sometime. I have a simple table and trying to fetch data by using most recommended method - i.e. getting first column using “get column” and then using Got Column with switch to fetch all other columns and eventually putting it into a list.

However nothing happens. At the same time when I try to fetch a cell or a row using get row and a number, I get the data. Which means airtable is working.

How do I make get/got column work? All help and video points it should work, is this a known bug?

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please share blocks…


Works for me, you need to show the respective blocks.

blocks (1)

Blocks attached. Thank you.


do this everywhere…
it mean first set value of switch and then call get column…

Thank you Nikhil.

I did that change, yet no luck. I did add some messages to see where it is stuck. I can clearly see that it goes to screen initialize but looks like “get column” does not work and hence “when got column” block completely ignored.

I am attaching revised blocks and aia as well for review.

AT_Test.aia (4.9 MB)

blocks (3)

Adding output screen from mobile as well

Can you send preview of your airtable…

That doesn’t matter in which order they are in

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whats wrong in that? :roll_eyes: :nauseated_face:

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In listview image you are setting image as text…

Even if I assign an image from asset or a URL of an image from google, it is same. Nothing after initialization block as it never enters into GOT COLUMN block at all.

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And that section is later, the debug message before that itself was not received. See screen shot. if Get Column worked, it should initiate Got Column and the first thing there is to display debug message which is not coming confirming Get and Got are not working.

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blocks (3)
First set switch value to 1 and then call get column.

No luck, can I share aia file?

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share ais only because your aia is not opening…

Here is AIS file…

AT_Test_MainScr.ais (11.0 KB)

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thats another screen got imported.

check one thing that have you filled baseid, project key and table name carefully