Airtable Spreadsheet not work in new update 1.4C.2 (BUG)

Hello All
Today I Created New App. I Use Airtable Spreadsheet in it but Not Any Fuction Work Properly in this New Update 1.4C.2.

Mainly I Use GET COLUMN function. But it can’t get data from spreadsheet. I tries more then 5 time in different apps, but result is same.

We have not made any changes to the Airtable component in the latest release so the component is working exactly how it did before the update.

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It’s Not possible that problem in kodular because it’s work for me may b you are doing something wrong

It’s working for me. Check your blocks

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I Already Created More than 6 Apps Using Spreadsheet and All r Working Fine. It clearly Means that I Know How To Arrange Blocks

Old Setups Are Working Properly, But New Setup Doesnt Work. Try it.

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Yesterday After Kodular Update I Just Update my app and everything is working well

Ohk, Maybe I am doing wrong anywhere… Let me try to create new app…
Thanks For Support

Yes for me also… not working since yesterday… Im trying to update the column name… the value display as change but we save and close project and come back the value is not updated…

Thats may b an issue because i am only getting data from Airtable and it’s working I’m not updating any data from app so I’m not sure about it

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