Airtable Spreadsheet search and display everything in the row where found

Dear fellow Kodulars,

I do not seem to be able to create the following logic for my app. These are the steps that I need to implement:
1.) Get the text written in Text Box
2.) Get the entire content of the Airtable Spreadsheet table
3.) Parse every existing cell (from every column and row) and compare it to the text from Text Box
4.) If a text from Text Box equals to a cell that it was compared to, then return the entire row where that cell is

So far, I have the following blocks for my app which does not seem to work:

My table looks like this (it will have more than 1 000 rows in the end though):

Side note: I have my Spreadsheet component set up correctly because when I try to look for a specific cell in the specific column and row, it gets me a result while using the Get Cell block of Spreadsheet component.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

hi buddy sitting with the same problem 2…

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I also have same problem…

i been searching with this solution also. but what i got from those people “please learn more”.

I have the same problem. I wanted to make a cell query and Airtable bring me all the cells of this line. This would be very useful for example, when querying a barcode. If I could bring the whole line through the bar code, then I would be satisfied. Another thing that would be cool, would be to research all products by a certain manufacturer.
I find this topic very important as one of mine that presents the same content of this one. Can we count on a pleasant response?

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Anyone any ideas? I’m still stuck here without any progress. No matter I try, I am still not able to search for a value and then return the row where that value is found.

Thank you

kindly check this issue, the same what i am looking.

maybe this is useful, saving each column in a variable, you can find the values ​​corresponding to the search

Here is a guide on how to filter data in Airtable. In the example the data is filtered by date, but you can use the same logic to do it with any type of value.

In post 19 I attached an aia file that has 3 screens and in each screen there is an example of how to filter data…

hello my friend, how are you, did you find the solution for you problem? and if found it, can hare it, please