Airtables + create table

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible today to create a table from a block in kodular as we create rows and columns.

try this, then

I need to create a table from my application if this can be possible

i am not sure this is possible. I have seen writing to airtables from app is easy but creating tables from app. … … …

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Simply not posible

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Not possible, but I solved that creating a Airtable Database with the Base ID of each database that I manually create. I use this for apps that needs a database for each user.

it is possible with google sheets… just refer to this

Hi, I’m having trouble displaying my data.
I need to display cell 1 of column A,B,C,D,E,F in dynamic text.
I searched your youtube channel but I couldn’t find the solution

Get the data from gsheet, use list from csv table text, and use select list item list with index 1 will give the row 1 data

I can’t understand it. do you have in your channel any explanation of how to do it? I have to translate from English to Spanish and maybe the explanation is not correct

I do not have any youtube channel… btw, if you share your demo aia let me fix it


I made the block that you put me but it gives me the following error

Did you set the sheet sharing permission to viewer by anyone with the link?

If it is shared for anyone, the same error that I mentioned before continues

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