All apps removed in January?

Hello guys, I have a big question, I was using the startapp ads, however, the Playstore was gradually warning that it was a Violation of the Family Policy Requirements, and now for all apps regardless of the classification, then I thought: I WILL REMOVE THE ADVERTISEMENTS , however the platform continues to warn of the error and that it will remove the apps in January, I noticed by looking at the forums of the community itself that the native ads of kodular use the startapp as a base… My question is: KODULAR WILL NOT FIX THIS ERROR ? BECAUSE THE ACCOUNT OF EVERYONE USING ANY AD IS AT RISK, who can clarify this for me, thank you

StartApp SDK is no longer a part of Google Family Program Policy. It simply means that if your app targets the minors (below 13), you’ve to edit the targeted age group to 18+ to keep your app live.

So friend, but what’s going on: The apps are not age-segmented for people under 18 years old, I did the test by posting an app with UNITY3D ad and even so the message from SDK startapp appeared, I saw in the forums that the kodular uses this company for all ads, that is, all ads will leave our apps at risk, because google no longer wants the outdated startapp sdk and kodular does not update