All bugs related Post are Deleted

Hi Koders.

Few hours ago, I saw there was so many post related with KODULAR E bugs but i see all post are hidden / delete.

Why Admins are removing without stating any reason?

@Diego @Kodularstaff you can create a Poll about all new components and and see where users are facing much morw problem.

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Because to report a bug you have to open a new topic
The rules are very clear

If you report a bug in a topic which is not related to it, your post gets flagged as off-topic and deleted…
It’s a very basic thing, else how do you pretend us to keep track of all reports?

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Admin’s can move the topic to correct category and warn the user not to post in wrong category.

Users including me will have questions because atm we are learning and trying new things.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Anyone who creates a topic is considered to have read the Kodular Community FAQ. This means that even if you have or have not read the FAQ, you are considered to have read the FAQ.

Also, every people must have saw the FAQ section when they joined to community. So it is normal to posts gets flagged as off-topic as Diego said.


Yes, but it’s also common sense
If a topic is related about a bug with receive shared files, you cannot say “I have a bug with WebView” (just an example)