All component must have unique id error?

can you please check my blocks.

i am getting a error after enabling this blocks.

please help me

After Enabling All 3
Or you tried by enabling few and disabling other.

yes, i have do

i am not able to drag and drop it on my workspace
can you give me a .aia with these 3 blocks

Sorry bru, Can you check my blocks here

You are creating component with same id in every procedure you displayed. Like for example you have created image component with same id in all 3 procedure. You have done the same for every component that is created dynamically.

Now if you are calling all the procedures one after the other, then it’s obvious that you will receive the unique id error.

You should first remove all the ids(components) created in current procedure and then after call another procedure.

Like for example if you have called procedure first then before calling the procedure2 clear the previously created components.

But i am using for each number blocks.
I have set it for 1 to 12 , 13 to 22 and 23 to 32.
I have unique numbers

Your procedures will only work once if you don’t delete your id’s…

clear old ids…if not solve then try to give random numbers id every procedure

Why i have to delete my ids. it’s all are unique.

But i am using unique ids.

Error Solved in PM.

Thanks @ADDYLIN :thumbsup: :wink:

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here is the @ADDYLIN Solution

Clear not delete…change ids num use another like
card(random numbers) with text join block
like that

Not much we can see on that image…


Now you can see it.

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