ID must be unique error

I can’t get a solution of the error.

Please take a look at the blocks. I am stuck at this error for 4 days

  • I have seen other posts about this error.
  • In this topic, tried removing previous ID’s, still no result
  • In this topic, tried that but can’t make a schema because of a error in my PC
  • I have 0 errors, 0 warnings and package name has no problems
  • This error comes on both APK and Companion

The dynamic components must have a unique name when creating. This is a problem when you are probably trying to create a custom list or a chat conversation.

One solution is to make a for loop and using the for count to make the ID unique. (Ex "chat_bubble_1)

Btw, I can’t really give you a solution because you did not post your custom procedures

I showed you all blocks, what else do you need?

And as your number, I am using timestamps to make ID unique

(Name + Timestamp) = ID

Can you show what is inside this blocks? i thinks there is the Dynamic Components error
Tip. Disable some blocks and see where the error stops, sometimes you can see on companion where the error is because they stop when error.


everytime the id must be unique when creating dynamic component

The error is due to timestamp, if two messages have same time then it will cause the issue.


Nope, it’s clearly a dynamic components error

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We all know that, the error is in dynamic components
I just mentioned the potential reason for the error.


Full blocks:

All Firebase Data:
image image

Error Image: image see this post

Fixed it after 8 days:

Just disabled this block

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