All in one Game aia file [FREE]

App name - Game He Game (Many games)

Screenshot 1
Splash screen

Screen Shot 2
Explore screen

Screen shot3
Games arranged according to categorie

Screenshot 4
Game with back pressed button

App link Game_App.apk - Google Drive


Hi @Jeet_Bhandari
Great App :+1:

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Increase this app logo’s width.

  1. This Home seems a bit odd. Put it above Game Categories or wherever you like. And also add an icon for Home as you have added for other ones

  1. Exit Button opens the Screen 1 which further opens main screen

  1. Also, increase the width of these game logos.

  1. Try to decrease the size of assets.
    The aia is of 4.3 MB
    This image :point_down: is of around 2.5 MB.

  1. The status bar colour and the title bar colour don’t match.

That’s it.
And please add .apk in your post.

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App link added