All sensors in just one app - My first app

Name of App: All in One Scanner

This App Includes Currently three Scanners: Accelerometer, QR/Barcode Scanner, Location Sensor, More Scanner’s Like Barometer, Magnet Sensor, NFC Sensor, Orientation Sensor will be added Soon.

If you want Source Code (.aia), reply to this post, can anyone give me suggestion about APP ICON, I want to change it…

App Store/Download link:

I tried tour app. The barco de scanner doesnt show the result. The options menú has White letters and White background.

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Are you sure this app made with Makeroid?
The “Maked Apps” section is only for apps made with Makeroid :makeroid:
If this app made with Makeroid, then you shouldn’t post about it in the Thunkable :thunkable: .

Yes I’ve made my app in both Site Markeroid as well as thunkable, but why are you asking about that is it not allowed to make apps in both platforms?

Dear @pipechela, I’ve used Action Bar Plugin…
Can you tell me solution of this, and remaining question of Barcode Scanner, I’ve just used “call to scan label” I don’t know why it is not working. I’ll check it and fix that issue ASAP!

I never said such a thing. You can move(migrate) the application from Thunkable to the Makeroid. (or Makeroid → Thunkable). This is not forbidden. But whatever you do, the application is only compiled from only one platform. :thinking:

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can you send me aia file for this app?
[email protected]