Alternative Method Of WebView?

If you’re already monetising your YouTube channel, why place ads on the app too?
Also, what’s the practicality in making an app for your YouTube channel? Users can simply find your channel in the official YouTube app that has fewer ads.
It’s generally a bad idea to make an app just to squeeze the most cash out of it. Keep in mind that these apps will not be approved for monetisation

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Ok done thanks for :pray::two_hearts: helping me or teach me 🙋

I unpublished all those app :calling: from play store thanks for today

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Just another Question,

Can i place ads in my app

  1. It has around 5 pages.
  2. This app fetches PDF’s from google drive (that’s why i’m using webview).
  3. The content in the webview totally belongs to me.
  4. Can i use Banner/Interstitial ads on other pages?
  5. Can i use Banner/Interstitial ads on webview page?

Please Elaborate

If it’s not possible to load AdSense ads in the web viewer (like in your case), you can add a banner below the web viewer as long as the content in it belongs to you.


The webviewer just fetches the PDF from google drive (which is mine).
It’s great to know that i can use the banner below the webview

Thanks for the clarification :relaxed:

Why not you use pdf viewer extension to show pdf within the app? It will be more user friendly and you can design the view UI as you want.

As there is no guarantee of apps based on Web viewer.

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I had actually thought of this :sweat_smile: , but the app sorta created problems after downloading the PDF’s and showing it in the viewer.

I have created a educational app that download the pdf form URL and shows them in app itself it’s not so difficult. Just try it.

I’m quite new to this :sweat_smile:, so it might take a while for me to understand everything.

However, i’m very thankful to the “kodular” team for this platform.