Alternatives to Play Store and pay ads banners

They have canceled my Play Store account for no reason. I wanted to know what alternatives there are to publish, like Amazon or uptodown. How is it going to pay to put ads in Kodular and where you have to ask permission to put them paying commissions? Thank you all

there must be a reason and they have must sent you email, how many apps are rejected or removed on your account mostly they cancel account on 3 strikes, or if you have doing anything bigger against their policies. and you can do appeal if you think they have did that mistakenly,

and for ads approval from kodular you have to visit,
select project and request for ads approval.

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They send me this : Issue: Violation of Repetitive Content policy
they rejected some apps I made in different languages, one of this was “Novel voice writer” and they left the spanish version. Now they rejected this one with this issue. I don’t understand if the first review they left this version, why now is not allowed.

you have to read that. then you will know everything you want to know.

yes,I have read it!?zippy_activeEl=repetitive-content#repetitive-content
I have not copy this app, I made it

so you can appeal to them. thats only you can do.

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yes I made the appeal, but I think admob will erase my earnings and probably the account too

you have to remove those admob ads ids from admob account which was in that account. deactivate that ad ids so account or earning will not get effected.

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thanks by your help, let’s see what happens with my appeal, I’m pretty suure they will cleean the hole with it

anyway… I found a lot of places to publish apps. If Play Store is not restored I will use these :ón-de-android-en-google-play-store/