Am I new user in Kodular community it's showing?

In Kodular community it’s showing that I am a new user but I have joined two months ago
Is there any way to fix it?

Yes, your trust level is still 0 :
You can see here to get to know about what requirements you need to be promoted to trust level 1:


Or maybe your trust level got locked to 0 by an admin/mod.Which means you won’t be able to be promoted.


I was promoted to the second level but now it’s 0

Why am I locked?

A moderator has locked or demoted you to tl0.Or maybe the reason that you got suspended or silenced, but i’m not sure.


Correct. A discussion is held and the staff have made this decision. You know the reason, do you?


But why? not a single toxic comment was made in this community by me

I am not the person you are looking for. Please kindly ask the staff member if you have any further complaint/enquires.

Btw if you can tell me which part of my responses are offending you? cuz you give me a thumb’s down.